Self loading spreaders

SL400 SL600 SL800
Container volume: 400 ltr 600 ltr 800 ltr
Spreading width: 1.0 m 1.5 m 2.0 m
Frame width: 1.1 m 1.6 m 2.1 m
Empty weight: 265 kg 350 kg 420 kg
Protection net: X X X
Flow control valve: X X X
Crusher axel: Extra. Extra. Extra.
Tilt frame: Extra. Extra. Extra.


Kunta 500-Vila-Volvo-Trima Kunta 500-Vila-Volvo-Trima Kunta 500-Vila-Volvo-Trima

LM Tools self loading spreaders makes your tool carrier even more profitable. Spreaders can be mounted on the front connection or on the rear connection whereby a bucket or a plough can be on the front at the same time. So you can use the plough and the sandspreader at same run which saves a lot of time = money

Ease of use makes the difference

LM Tools self loading spreader is a self loading type as the name says. Spreader can be lowered and tilted so that you can fill the bucket only by driving the machine backwards on a sandpile. Lifting up and speader is ready for the job. Sand spreading function can be switched ON and OFF from the cabin by which you can achieve a very accurate job result and material usage is minimal. Spreading volume can be also adjusted. Working width is by model (bucket size). Crusher axle and safety net are extras.