Collecting sweepers remove and collect sand, garbage, and other loose material with maximal efficiency and speed. Carefully planned, reliable technology and stylish design prove their value in practice. Environmentalawareness as well as effective mineral dust and stone powder removal minimize the health risks of the road users.

Clean and impressive results

Collecting sweepers are very versatile. Depending on their size and model, you can use them with urban area maintenance equipment as well as tractors and wheel loaders. They are ideally suited for urban, residential, and industrial areas as well as harbours, parking lots, and recycling areas. The particle lamellas, placed on the back and the sides of the unit, efficiently prevent dust from flying around. Adjustable main and side brushes ensure clean and highly efficient sweeping result. The main brush operation is floating and linear. This optimizes the distance between the main brush and the collector, thus ensuring effective collecting. The powerful sprinkler system is lead from the integrated water tank to the anti-corrosion frame. It binds the swept material and prevents dust from spreading all over.


MaxiHamsteri_Sivukuva_02Sweeper working principle

Working width (1 side brush.):1850 mm3050 mm*
Garbage box:500 ltr950 ltr
Water container:180 ltr210 ltr
Req. hydraulic output:40 ltr/min60 ltr/min
Dry weight:700 kg1350 kg
Main brush width:1300 mm1800 mm
Main brush diameter:750 mm700 mm
Side brush diameter:650 mm650 mm
Working width (2 side brushes).:2375 mm (extra.)* 2 side brushes std
For machines like:LM Trac 585&586; Wille 655; Volvo L30 >>>>; Lundberg 6200; Kramer 680 >>>>Volvo L60 >>>>; Komatsu WA320 >>>>; JCB 416 >>>>
Known also asGreen CatMaxi Cat
LM Tools spinner spreaders make your road maintenance equipment more effective and versatile. They are ideal for antiskid treatment in public areas. You can adjust the spreading amount precisely, which saves the antiskid material and enables you to treat much larger areas.
Versatile and controlled use
You can use the LM Tools spinner spreaders with all maintenance machines and vehicles whose frame structure is rigid enough to take theweight of the spreader and that are powerful enough to carry the load. You can easily adjust the precise spreading amount and spreading width with the electronic joystick while driving. The screw conveyor moves the material accurately from the spinner onto the road. The spinner’s throwing wings are run by a reliable hydraulic motor. They move the material to the specific target precisely according to the specified amount and width. This ensures the desired outcome quickly and in a controlled fashion.
Container volume: 450 ltr 650 ltr 900 ltr
Spreading width: 1-6 m 1-6 m 1-6 m
Empty weight: 190 kg 390 kg 460 kg
Feeding screw: X X X
Electr. volume & width control: X X X
Container cover: X X X
Protective net: - X X
Foot step: - - X
Warning light-rear: X X X
Mounting frame for connection: X X X
For machines like: LM Trac 485 & 486; Wille 345 & 355 LM Trac 585 & 586; Wille 455 LM Trac 680 & 685 & 686; Wille 655
Itselastaava hiekoitinLM Tools self loading spreaders makes your tool carrier even more profitable. Spreaders can be mounted on the front connection or on the rear connection whereby a bucket or a plough can be on the front at the same time. So you can use the plough and the sandspreader at same run which saves a lot of time = moneyLM Tools self loading spreader is a self loading type as the name says. Spreader can be lowered and tilted so that you can fill the bucket only by driving the machine backwards on a sandpile. Lifting up and speader is ready for the job. Sand spreading function can be switched ON and OFF from the cabin by which you can achieve a very accurate job result and material usage is minimal. Spreading volume can be also adjusted. Working width is by model (bucket size). Crusher axle and safety net are extras.


Container volume: 400 ltr 600 ltr 800 ltr
Spreading width: 1.0 m 1.5 m 2.0 m
Frame width: 1.1 m 1.6 m 2.1 m
Empty weight: 265 kg 350 kg 420 kg
Protection net: X X X
Flow control valve: X X X
Crusher axle: Extra Extra Extra
Tilt frame: Extra Extra Extra


Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima



LM Tools V-ploughs.

V-PLOUGS NA2200 NA2600
Max.working width: 2200 mm 2600 mm
Min. width: 1950 mm 2200 mm
Lattice blade: X X
Blades with suspension: X X
Connections: Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima

Ice blade


LM Tools ice blade.

Working width: 2500 mm
Pin type blade: X
Blade turning: 20 astetta
Blade rotation: 15 astetta
Connections: Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima

LM Tools leaf collector for a powerfull autumn cleaning. Suitable for a tarmac surface and grass-grown areas.

Working width: 1700 mm
Container volume: 550 – 900 ltr depending on base machine
Req. hydraulic output: 60 ltr/min
Front nozzle weight: 270 kg
Container weight: 300 kg
Connections: Kunta500-Vila-Volvo-Trima

Powerful chipper for multipurpose machines

No more need to transport wood residue out of the park areas.  With LM Chipper the wood can be chipped at the site, and then used in many ways such as decorating or for fuel in a suitable kettle. Attaches directly into most buckets with a supplied bracket. The Chipper can also be detached easily, to use the bucket in other purposes. The Chipper is also suitable for tractors and wheel loaders with motor hydraulic connectors. The blade drags the wood into the chipper, so the construction can be lighter because no additional input device is needed. A separate sharpening tool is provided with the Chipper, which makes the sharpening easy. 

LM chipper  
Chipper type PS-10
Blade speed: 200-600 r/min
Req. hydraulic output: 60-70 ltr/min (max. 100l)
Weight: 200 kg
Max cutting size : ø100mm
Connecting: Supplied with a bracket to weld in an existing bucket

LM Tools Rotary mower for maintaining green areas. Great tool for LM Trac 286 & 387 machines.

Rotary mower 1800
Cutting width: 1800 mm
Blade speed: 2200-2700 r/min
Req. hydraulic output: 38-45 ltr/min
Weight: 200 kg
Cutting height: 50-130mm
Connector: A-frame
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