Chipper type: PS-10
Blade speed: 200-600 r/min
Req. hydraulic output 60-70 ltr/min (max. 100 ltr)
Max cutting size: ø 100 mm
Weight: 200 kg
Connecting: Supplied with a bracket to weld in an existing bucket

Powerful chipper for multipurpose machines

No more need to transport wood residue out of the park areas. With LM Chipper the wood can be chipped at the site, and then used in many ways such as decorating or for fuel in a suitable kettle. Attaches directly into most buckets with a supplied bracket. The Chipper can also be detached easily, to use the bucket in other purposes. The Chipper is also suitable for tractors and wheel loaders with motor hydraulic connectors. The blade drags the wood into the chipper, so the construction can be lighter because no additional input device is needed. A separate sharpening tool is provided with the Chipper, which makes the sharpening easy.